London to Romania Courier

We always want to find solutions so that you can send your package, but there are a number of legal regulations, safety and security measures that Falcon takes into account and we want to inform you about them. Certain items are strictly prohibited for transportation, and by accepting our terms and conditions, the customer agrees that he/she will not ship such items. Goods prohibited for carriage will be presented to the competent authorities for confiscation, the consignor and their consignee will bear the full legal consequences.

Prohibited items that are not accepted for transportation include:

  • alcoholic beverages
  • flammable gases (aerosols)
  • firearms, explosives (ammunition, fireworks)
  • non-toxic gases (fire extinguishers)
  • gasoline
  • flammable liquids (such as nail polish, acetone, cleaning solutions, petrol, perfumes) or solids (batteries, matches, etc.)
  • sanitary tests of any kind
  • tobacco products (cigarettes, cigars, electronic cigarettes)
  • human or animal remains (including ash)
  • living animals or pets
  • plants, flowers
  • lottery tickets and gambling devices/accessories
  • lithium batteries or other electronic devices with such batteries
  • jewelry, precious metals, and stones
  • products that require controlled temperature
  • narcotics and other hallucinogenic materials
  • dangerous products according to ADR
  • fur and fur-lined clothes

Shipment of liquids:

In general, we do not recommend sending liquids of any kind, as they can cause leaks that will damage your package and others during transit. In this case, we reserve the right to refuse delivery of the package to the destination.

Despite these recommendations, many customers ship such items. However, if you decide to ship liquids, they must be properly packaged and protected.

Products that require controlled temperature:

Many foods are unsuitable to be transported by standard courier services due to the fact that they require special transport conditions, such as transit and temperature-controlled storage. Unpleasant odors from a package should be sufficient for courier staff to check it in detail and return the package to the sender.

Pay special attention to the packaging of your items to avoid damage!